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Welcome to the Effect documentation!

Please note that the documentation is currently under construction and some sections may be incomplete or subject to changes. We are working hard to provide you with comprehensive and accurate information.

What is Effect?

Effect is a powerful TypeScript library designed to help developers easily create complex, synchronous, and asynchronous programs.

Main Features

Some of the main Effect features include:

ConcurrencyAchieve highly-scalable, ultra low-latency applications through Effect's fiber-based concurrency model.
ComposabilityConstruct highly maintainable, readable, and flexible software through the use of small, reusable building blocks.
Resource SafetySafely manage acquisition and release of resources, even when your program fails.
Type SafetyLeverage the TypeScript type system to the fullest with Effect's focus on type inference and type safety.
Error HandlingHandle errors in a structured and reliable manner using Effect's built-in error handling capabilities.
AsynchronicityWrite code that looks the same, whether it is synchronous or asynchronous.
ObservabilityWith full tracing capabilities, you can easily debug and monitor the execution of your Effect program.

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The documentation is structured in a sequential manner, starting from the basics and progressing to more advanced topics. This allows you to follow along step-by-step as you build your Effect application. However, you have the flexibility to read the documentation in any order or jump directly to the pages that are relevant to your specific use case.

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